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All The Tools You Need To Build Strong Relationships

  • I don't know how to get him/her to hear me and understand...
  • I don't know where to find the time to prioritize and repair our relationship...
  • I don't want to grow further apart than we already are...
  • I don't want to stir the pot and make things worse...
  • I don't understand why we argue all the time...
  • Why can't they see what this is doing to me?

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Top 5 Ways to Build Strong Relationships

by Karen Rothermich

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Build Strong Relationships

Sherri M.

"Before working with Coach Karen Rothermich I was struggling with getting along with both my husband and my elderly mom who lives with me. She helped me work through a lot of resentment I had built up because I was so busy trying to please everyone else but myself. I wasn’t spiritual, but I believed in God. I kept saying to myself, “they don’t listen to me, I’m just their doormat…someone to do everything for them.” I was so sad and I felt really lonely even though I was surrounded by them both. I just knew they didn’t really see me, and I figured out I wasn’t good at articulating what was wrong because I couldn’t figure it out on my own. Today I am learning a whole lot more about my mom and where I came from, and how she feels, which helps me understand myself better, and my relationship with my husband is so much happier. I am truly blessed, and I didn’t even realize it. If you are struggling with resentment and don’t understand why your loved ones can’t understand why and how you’re feeling, I highly recommend working with Coach Karen Rothermich! I was very happy to see that with a few changes in my thinking I could have truly great relationships with my loved ones."

Mandy W.

"Before working with Coach Karen Rothermich I was struggling with my latest divorce having gone through two already. I was alone and kicking myself all over the place because of my low self-esteem, and didn’t understand why this kept happening to me. I was choosing the wrong guys clearly, but I didn’t know why.

She helped me work through what was actually happening, but even more than that I began to see how my low self-confidence was attracting men who would treat me badly.

Today I am dating a true gentleman…one that treats me with respect and kindness! This is all I’ve ever dreamed of! If you are struggling with a lot of serious relationship issues, I highly recommend working with Coach Karen Rothermich!"

Sarah P.

"Before working with Coach Karen Rothermich I was struggling because I had an uncontrollable need to help everyone I possibly could at the expense of my health, peace and faith. In fact, I was frustrated and it showed. I thought if I did anything for myself that I was being selfish and wasting time because there were so many people in need and it was my job to take care of all the people I possibly could.

Karen helped me work through where this compelling need was coming from and what it was doing to my health and my relationship with God, not to mention my adult children and my relationship with my husband.

Today I am at peace with the choices I make, have a strengthened relationship with my husband and my children, and still make time for helping others. Oh, I and I feel so much freer!

If you are struggling with always being the one who will “save” everyone, I highly recommend working with Coach Karen Rothermich."