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Unlock a
Procrastination-Free Life

 You've tried self-help books but you are still stuck in indecision.  You ask yourself, what's wrong with me?  Nothing, but you need a little bit of guidance.    Take this simple test.


Procrastination Free Living: Take Action to Enhance your relationships and your Life

This online on-demand mini course is designed to bring awareness, incite you to action and provide the how-to get started on a life free from procrastination. 

Included are 3 modules with mini-lessons inside of each which consist of video presentations from experienced transformational confidence Coach Karen Rothermich, M.S.Ed, Author, Speaker, Coach.  Also included, is a fabulous BONUS module that outlines the ripple effect of how to overcome procrastination to enhance relationships at home and at work.

Faith to move mountains picture

Faithful Steps

Our course combines faith and action to help you conquer procrastination.

Alignment with Biblical Principals picture

Spiritual Freedom

Experience the freedom that comes from aligning your actions with your faith.

Inner peace picture of woman early morning at lake dock

Inner Peace

Replace anxiety and indecision with confidence and inner peace.

Imagine a Life Free of Procrastination, Full of Confidence and Inner Peace

Signing up for our course will equip you with the biblical insights to achieve this dream outcome.

  • Benefits:
    Discover how to overcome procrastination using proven Bible-based strategies.
  • Enhance your relationships by showing up as your best self, free from the grip of procrastination.
  • Take control of your time and productivity, making progress towards your goals with ease.
  • Experience the freedom and fulfillment that comes from living a procrastination-free life.
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Karen Rothermich M.S.Ed

Transformational Life Coach, Author, Speaker


Before I started on this journey of action and confidence, I was just like you...stuck. 

As a fellow Christian woman navigating life's journey, I understand the struggles of feeling held back by procrastination. It's like standing at the edge of your dreams, but unable to take that first step forward.

I knew I could live the kind of life that I wanted if I wasn’t so scared to step into it.  I just didn’t know how…or what to do exactly.  I didn’t have a clear picture of the journey and just couldn’t see.

For so long, I procrastinated about doing anything about it. Quite honestly, I was lazy and didn't think I could anyway.  Right?  We've all been there.

But now, I love it so much!  I didn’t think I could until I did one small thing. 

I took the first step towards this journey…not even realizing I was taking it.  I bought a self-help book.  No one has ever offered this kind of help.  I’ve never seen it before, so I created it just for you!  I’ve taken the journey and done the work for you.

It's all here.  Waiting for you.  Why did I do this?  Because God called me, so I'm here to help you.

Karen Rothermich M.S.Ed Transformational Life Coach, Author, Speaker

Because you deserve to be seen, heard and valued...

I want this so much for you!  But you have to want it for yourself.

God called me to help as many people as possible.  There is a reason you are here, and it is because you deserve it. 

Join us today! Right now.